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AYASSE über Tina Fricke

Studio Ayasse is a perfect symbiosis of luxury and sustainability. The label was founded in 2011 by Tina Fricke and Philipp Ayasse and offers a boutique premium collection of women’s leather jackets, accessories and bags.

Studio Ayasse works exclusively with extraordinary materials such as opalescent fish skins – by-products of the food industry – which are upcycled and transformed into wonderful leathers, through a process of fine grounding and polishing. These are then treated with coloured foils or hand-painted to create a truly unique finish. Finding pleasant to the touch, innovative surfaces: in essence, the perfect leather, is always the first priority.

Studio Ayasse focuses on creating standout yet practical creations, timeless pieces: those which tell a story, and which meet the highest demands. This is why the brand blends zeitgeist with perfection in production.