Frieda silk top. White silk.


  • Silk top
  • Oversized
  • Color: birch
  • 100% peace silk
  • Handmade in germany
  • Machine washable

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Silk top white – Frieda!

The Frieda silk top in white has been generously produced as an one-size blouse. An elegant boat neckline adorns the casual blouse. The wide sleeves have a drawstring at the cuffs. This allows you to play with the volume of the sleeve. The sleeves are nice and puffy when worn. The piece of elastic inserted in addition to the band means that you can also comfortably hook the sleeves.

The sleeve has an elegant kimono look when the band is left out.

The material is so-called non-violent silk or peace silk. This complex procedure is described in more detail in our blog post.

The silk top in white is made in a German manufactory. The top is not dyed until it is finished. This gives the surface of the silk its very own animated expression.

Material composition: 100% silk

Washable at 30° degrees and with silk detergent.


Additional information



Washing and care instructions


General care instructions & tips for handling stretch leather products:

It is very important to us that you can care for our products as easily as possible. That’s why, together with our French leather suppliers, we have developed a stretch leather that you can easily wash in the washing machine!

Washing instructions. It’s so easy to get your stretch leather products from AYASSE clean again:

  1. Cleaning the washing machine of old detergent residues
  2. Turn leather trousers, leather top, leather dress or leather jacket made of stretch leather inside out
  3. Put single items in the washing drum
  4. Set the wool wash cycle to 30°
  5. Use wool detergent or leather wash concentrate
  6. Set a low spin speed
  7. Start the washing process
  8. After washing, lay out flat to dry (do not place on the radiator or in the sun)
  9. When almost dry, roll lightly and pull into shape (to soften the leather)
  10. Iron inside out at a low temperature


A few additional tips:

We are proud that our leather can be washed in the washing machine! Of course, our leather is not immune to stains, so we recommend that you handle this high-quality product with care. Because the pants should not be washed too often. Light stains can often simply be wiped off or removed in another way!

  • You can find tips on removing grease stains in our video here.
  • We generally advise against hand washing, even if it is well-intentioned. This can lead to irregularities in the leather. And with the washing machine, you also have more time for nicer things.
  • Optimal storage: leather products must be able to breathe! They should therefore be stored in an airy and dry place. Please do not lock them in a plastic bag. Under no circumstances should the leather be exposed to intense light or direct sunlight, as the natural leather could fade. But don’t worry, of course you can go out in the sun with it, just don’t leave it in a place exposed to light for long periods. The stretch leather tops can be hung up, but please use a wider hanger – it is better to store them lying down.
  • Rain: You can go out in the rain with the products without worrying! They get wet and can become slightly darker in color. After drying (not in the sun or on the heater), the leather will return to normal without leaving any water stains. If you know that you often go out in the rain or are exposed to a lot of “dangerous” situations (dirty children’s hands, wet dog paws jumping up), then we recommend waterproofing.
  • Make-up: If you like to wear make-up, we recommend putting a cloth over your face before putting on the leather tops so that no stains remain on the collar.