Waterproofing spray for leather – your additional protection against rain and snow


  • For open-pored leather
  • Protects the leather from rain and snow
  • For spraying on

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Waterproofing spray for your leather products! The perfect protection against rain and snow!

With this waterproofing spray for your leather and lambskin products, you can also protect them from rain or snow. Rain or snow doesn’t really bother the leather. Nevertheless, it is advisable to impregnate your leather trousers or lambskin coat regularly. This is because the natural open leather surface allows liquid to penetrate the material. This gets wet and heavy, depending on the type. This is not a problem, as the leather dries again. The spray gives the leather a protective film and the moisture rolls off. This means that less liquid penetrates the leather, it dries faster and stains from colored liquid can be prevented. The impregnation spray has been tested by us on Ayasse leather products. Always check all other products for changes in a concealed place first! Spray thinly and evenly onto a clean and dry surface from a distance of approx. 40 cm. Then leave to dry. Spray heavily used surfaces again if necessary. Renew the application after cleaning or washing. Please observe the hazard warnings when handling impregnations from spray cans. Important: – Impregnation is not full protection against all types of stains. Therefore, always ensure that light-colored surfaces are handled with care! – Light-colored and open-pored leathers are not suitable for downpours, slush and muddy paths! – Prolonged downpours will eventually penetrate any waterproofing. – In the event of friction, moisture also penetrates the impregnation! – Oil and grease stains, chocolate, strongly staining liquids or colored pencils are still a danger! – Always react immediately to drops of impregnation and do not wait until they have been absorbed! – If stains occur, remove them immediately with a light-colored, absorbent kitchen towel. Do not rub too hard. Do not rub beyond the edge of the stain. Do not work wet or with the wrong cleaning agents. Carefully soak up the liquid on the material and absorb any liquid that has been absorbed by pressing with a clean kitchen towel. Then allow to dry and ask a specialist company for advice if there are any remaining stains. Incorrect applications quickly increase the damage to sensitive surfaces. – Impregnation loses its effectiveness through use and friction and must therefore be renewed regularly. Before clearly bad weather or if the protection has not been renewed for a longer period of time, carefully test the existing protective effect in an inconspicuous area with a little water. – Impregnations have no moisturizing properties. For dry, open-pored leathers, additional care with Aniline Protector is therefore recommended. For better visualization I have prepared an application video for you. Application video

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